Iconix Monster

Iconix Monster is NFT project that banks greatly on its community for strength. Iconix Monster relies on extraordinary community support. In other words, its development is community-driven. 

The community decides on resources control and the process of development of the project, spreads the word about the project and gets involved in a variety of initiatives.

Iconix Monster’s vision is to drive ICON Blockchain adoption through community engagement.


NFT Sneak Peak




Started with a massive compression of ideas that resulted in a huge explosion in the form of vision.


The Big Bang is a huge explosion that occurs due to the bursting of vision into several missions. During the Big Bang phase, the Iconix Monster will airdrop 50 free Iconix Monster NFT among early supporters.


After all the important parts of the project interact with each other, Iconix Monster starts to create a new cluster by releasing NFT to the public.


This is an important phase of the project, the responsibility of the developer is to develop the business case for the community and community involvement is crucial.

 Iconix Monster Community

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